Sunday, June 10, 2012

A bit of a change

Coming Soon: Crackling Two: The Science Behind the Food*

Chiefly for my own benefit as I am now officially a post grad Food Science and Technology student at Curtin University.
Much of the science is complicated but it is not to be feared or avoided. My challenge will be explaining it** simply and succinctly and not disappearing up my own piping bag nozzle in the attempt.
The first article will look at the protein functionality of eggs and shall manifest itself in a recipe for Lamingtons. Or perhaps the chemical changes in a jar of preserved lemons. I do have a ten page report on the Science of the Soffritto ready to go but until I make up my mind which gem to post first ............
However, there will still be room for levity and rock and roll: - hold on to yourselves, feel 17 again and get up and dance it's THE HIVES: New record Lex Hives

*that's Science, not twatting about with kippers and custard like HB.
** that's explaining to myself, without being dull or showing off to any readers