Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grohl kept his mouth shut. Pasties

And drummed for 90 minutes straight. Joy all round. Sublime joy. Them Crooked Vultures. What a show. One felt one had been fluffed by Josh Homme, ** by Grohl and struck up the post-coital with JP Jones. Job done.

I shall be using this space to culture my own fantasies. I believe that is what blogs are for, if the fantasy of a thousand readers chuckling and clucking is on the receiving end surely the giving end must be filled with one's own fantasies. Chief among mine is that I can still shop at Waitrose. And by jingo I still can: I can click on "SHOP" on the Ocado menu and whether that is "shop" the verb or the noun, I can browse the aisles and fill my virtual basket. Without nasty indents on my upper ulna from the plastic handles.

So today, I choose|20001|20002|20135|20172. Hand crimped. Hopefully by someone with a fresh pair of latex gloves. Best eaten cold with one hand while driving home up Hornsey Rise. Do remember to put it on the checkout conveyer belt last for easy access.

I'm going to make my own version this week and if anyone gives two figs I 'll let you konw how I got on.

Feeder update: Now shape-shifted in to Renegades with lots of gigs lined up , I guess Mark Richardson is busy working on the new Skunk Anansie CD. Feeder had to call their website "FeederWeb" on account of attracting the wrong kind of fans to just "Feeder". A deadly art.

Do excuse lame links, I can't drive this thing yet.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Them Crooked Vultures in 13 hours. I am going to see Grohl drum.
I've never seen John Paul Jones. I saw Josh Homme actually as a support for Foo Fighters with QOTSA at Stratford, East London in August 2000. Blimey that was a long time ago. Around that time I was cooking for the Welsh band Feeder who were recording Buck Rogers with the fabulous and wonderfully talented producer Gil Norton (that's the man who gave us the sound on The Colour and The Shape and the Pixie's Doolittle. Oh yes: He's the DADDY). This is what I cooked them for dinner one night. It was the days when Coriander was King and I used to buy fat bunches of it at the Greek Cypriot Green Grocer's in Crouch End. And those honey soaked dried figs .... ah London. It all seems so dated now. Perhaps it's time for a 90s come back.

Chicken baked with garlic and rosemary - I 'm sure I lifted that from a Sainsbury's Magazine recipe by Nigel Slater
Avocado and rocket sald
Caramelised onion foccacia

Tiramisu - that came from a Tesco's magazine. They were written by proper home economists and used to give costs per portion
Grapes and Honeyed Figs

Pretty much the same time I was cooking and delivering food for a cafe without a kitchen in an art gallery in Westland Place, Old Street. Number 15. It was a gorgeous old building. The Gallery closed a year later and was taken over by some rich restaurateur who named it simply after its street number. I have a feeling he put in a substantial kitchen on the ground floor.

Can you guess who it was yet?

Monday, January 18, 2010


So let's get the Me ME ME ME out of the way:

By day I am a vovlo-driving suburban Mum, in Perth Western Australia. By other times I am an English Expat, on the cusp of past-it rock-chick and a cook to the stars with an excellent pedigree and plenty of experience. I am only Chinese by marriage.
Years ago I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and cooked for bands in a North London recording studio. There followed a break for breeding and emigrating then back to the coalface working in event catering but chiefly backstage catering at outdoor music shows in Perth.
I like to cook, I like to name-drop (although if I can't say anything nice I won't be saying anything at all - I still work in the industry) and I like to amuse myself with degrees of separation I have to most of the music industry circa 1999). I adore slow cooked pork shoulder and BBQ shapes dipped in mayo and chili sauce. Though of course not on the same plate. If I could cook for three people tomorrow (two of whom are in Perth as I type) I would select The Reverend Al Green, Dave Grohl and Anthony Bourdain - even though he's usually over-joyed with fried beef slurry on a stick. And of course a rescue team in Haiti. I could whip up a temporary canteen and hearty food in a few hours. (Did you send your money in?).

For dinner tonight I 'm going to make a laksa with a fumet I have in the freezer made from the bones of a potato cod - here's the first tip: Learn to fillet fish, make a fumet with the carcass to freeze for later and never pay 32 bucks a kilo again. And make sure you gouge all the meat out of the head and cheeks. Oh and do it the night before your bins go out so the scraps don't stink out your kitchen,

Tomorrow night I 'm going to see Them Crooked Vultures and what's more I actually paid for the tickets. I am tremendously excited. A-quiver, no less. I-pod docked in Volvo, New Thang at full blast while taking the kids to the pool

This is my first blog so if you feel the need to comment don't worry about being kind and fluffy just make sure you're witty.

Bon Chance, mes amis.