Thursday, June 3, 2010

Influenced by Idris

Well, they turned out bulky. Robust, smooth with chocolate sheen and lipsmackingly delicious.

An exquisite, dainty confection they were not. Guess I 'll have play Amelie in the background if I want that kind of effect

Ann Willan's instructions were most informative: Add the flour in one hit to avoid lumps, remember drying time in the oven is just as important as baking time.
She should know what she's talking about. She ran La Varenne for many years and is a luminary in the American Culinary Scene. I feel a piece about Ann and women like her coming on. What are they made of? Why are they Home Economists not chefs? Are they the women who would have been Cooks in large households pre-1939?

Any from the Sainsbury's Masterclass volume is Sarah Nop's Cold Lemon Souffle.


  1. Nice one Suzy, glad to see you back. I shall bookmark this and crack the whip if I see you slacking. I might even learn how to cook something. Innit tho.