Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Poor neglected Creature. Or "I only call you when I want something"

Did you miss me? Did you? Huh?

No of course not.
There are legions of other food blogs out there and besides, you have Your Own Life.
I didn't miss me/it/this either to be frank. However, I was under the impression that the remaining months of my year would be taken up with a foundation science course at uni as a prerequisite to a Masters in Food Science but that is not the case: course postponed for re-grouping and starting in 2011.
So I have decided to immerse my 60s born self in the second decade of the 21st Century and blog in earnest for 6 months; to see what comes of it, to leave proof that I Was Here (the archeologists of the future will not recreate salient citizens of yore with brooche fragments or arrowheads but by numbers of comments and links to uber-bloggers.

I do not know where this blog is going, to whom it would be remotely useful or interesting. But every other fecker seems to have one and so shall I. (put that on the fly-jacket of the ensuing book version, at least it's honest)
Although I am somewhat aimless, charmingly or irritatingly, I have a morning free in front of me and in order to kick-start Crackling I shall learn to make profiteroles from The Sainsbury's Masterclass cookery book - a step-by-step to classic dishes published in Full Colour in 1988. I shall also have episode 11 season 1 of The Wire on in the background. Idris Elba. Mmmmmmmm.

Ann Willans, Home Economist, will be guiding me through profiteroles.

Home Economists - a much neglected and seemingly pedestrian breed, however I feel a renaissance coming on.:strokes beard and ponders.

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