Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Heatwave Breaking, Mojo Coming back

Feeder are coming to town. ( do you know why they can't call their site simply "Feeder"? Let's just say it attracts The Wrong Sorts).
Back in July 2000 it was my great privilege to cook for the band and Gil Norton and crew for the recording of Echo Park at The Church Studios in Crouch End.
And now, having recorded, released and gigged around the world constantly in the interim Feeder are going to be fed by me again. Joy.
The band is currently on tour down here with the Soundwave festival and will be stopping by my kitchen for a bite to eat and Good Times next week.

I have my work cut out; our very good buddy bass player Taka Hirose cooks. I'd better sharpen up my Globals and get to Kailis for some export quality rock lobster before it gets exported.

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  1. So good to have you blogging again. I've missed you!