Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Them Crooked Vultures in 13 hours. I am going to see Grohl drum.
I've never seen John Paul Jones. I saw Josh Homme actually as a support for Foo Fighters with QOTSA at Stratford, East London in August 2000. Blimey that was a long time ago. Around that time I was cooking for the Welsh band Feeder who were recording Buck Rogers with the fabulous and wonderfully talented producer Gil Norton (that's the man who gave us the sound on The Colour and The Shape and the Pixie's Doolittle. Oh yes: He's the DADDY). This is what I cooked them for dinner one night. It was the days when Coriander was King and I used to buy fat bunches of it at the Greek Cypriot Green Grocer's in Crouch End. And those honey soaked dried figs .... ah London. It all seems so dated now. Perhaps it's time for a 90s come back.

Chicken baked with garlic and rosemary - I 'm sure I lifted that from a Sainsbury's Magazine recipe by Nigel Slater
Avocado and rocket sald
Caramelised onion foccacia

Tiramisu - that came from a Tesco's magazine. They were written by proper home economists and used to give costs per portion
Grapes and Honeyed Figs

Pretty much the same time I was cooking and delivering food for a cafe without a kitchen in an art gallery in Westland Place, Old Street. Number 15. It was a gorgeous old building. The Gallery closed a year later and was taken over by some rich restaurateur who named it simply after its street number. I have a feeling he put in a substantial kitchen on the ground floor.

Can you guess who it was yet?


  1. I buy my fresh herbs at that very place my lady. I shall think of you when I'm there.

  2. OH please do
    How much is coriander a bunch these days?