Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grohl kept his mouth shut. Pasties

And drummed for 90 minutes straight. Joy all round. Sublime joy. Them Crooked Vultures. What a show. One felt one had been fluffed by Josh Homme, ** by Grohl and struck up the post-coital with JP Jones. Job done.

I shall be using this space to culture my own fantasies. I believe that is what blogs are for, if the fantasy of a thousand readers chuckling and clucking is on the receiving end surely the giving end must be filled with one's own fantasies. Chief among mine is that I can still shop at Waitrose. And by jingo I still can: I can click on "SHOP" on the Ocado menu and whether that is "shop" the verb or the noun, I can browse the aisles and fill my virtual basket. Without nasty indents on my upper ulna from the plastic handles.

So today, I choose|20001|20002|20135|20172. Hand crimped. Hopefully by someone with a fresh pair of latex gloves. Best eaten cold with one hand while driving home up Hornsey Rise. Do remember to put it on the checkout conveyer belt last for easy access.

I'm going to make my own version this week and if anyone gives two figs I 'll let you konw how I got on.

Feeder update: Now shape-shifted in to Renegades with lots of gigs lined up , I guess Mark Richardson is busy working on the new Skunk Anansie CD. Feeder had to call their website "FeederWeb" on account of attracting the wrong kind of fans to just "Feeder". A deadly art.

Do excuse lame links, I can't drive this thing yet.

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